3 QUESTIONS for Remi Héluin of Painrisien blog


3 QUESTIONS for Remi Héluin of Painrisien blog

Painrisien is the “blog that leads you to the baguette!” A true gourmet journey through traditional French know-how.

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The Interview
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If I asked you for a dish that takes you back to your childhood, what would it be?

Without a doubt, the fruit crumbles my mother used to make. A curious mix of compote and crumbly pastry, with the sweet notes of brown sugar. She didn’t follow any conventional recipe but it was so comforting after a day at school.



Can you tell us something about your current food project?

My project still is and always will be to speak and spread the truth wherever I can. Which is why I am so interested in bread: there is no food that is more genuine than bread. It tells you so much about the person that made it and the raw materials that went into it: by using a quality flour, a little bit of water, salt, leaven and/or yeast… but above all exceptional products are created with a bit of know-how and a lot of love. I tell this simple story on a daily basis in support of the professionals in this industry. The idea is to get good bread on to every table!
What are your forecasts on the trends for the food of tomorrow?

An ever more distinct and marked return to what is important. In other words, to food that respects man and the land. The ball started rolling a few years ago but I think that we must continue to emphasise the point; that excess is cluttering both our plates and our spirits. And finally, it can be very complicated to do things simply, because it requires commitment to both product choice and demand.