Wine, this French paradox others envy us for


Wine, this French paradox others envy us for

Focus on a very French passion in figures.

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Eating and drinking unites the body and the mind. This maxim makes complete sense when we learn that the majority of the French think that wine is a sociable (71%), natural (67%) and… healthy (75%) drink, French paradox obliges!

What’s more, it comes as no surprise that the best time to drink wine is during a good meal with family and friends (81%). Good times guaranteed (87%). But we already knew that.

On the other hand, did you know that wine is considered the most iconic drink in France (62%), even more so than champagne (35%)? The beauty of the landscapes, with their vineyards, and the culture of oenology constitute sufficient assets for our beloved wine to become the ambassador of France throughout the world.

As far as consumers are concerned, it seems that men take more interest in wine (65%) than women (52%). This interest is confirmed when we learn that 81% of men and 73% of women have already attended a wine-tasting session in a cellar.

The French (70%) prefer to consume their wine at home rather than at a restaurant (42%). This is not surprising because 70% of consumers have their own wine cellar or store at home.

And finally, one last figure for the road: the French speak more about wine to those around them (73%) than about football (43%)!

Source : Baromètre Ifop / Vin & Société – novembre 2013